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Understanding Our Transparent and Fair Monthly Pricing Model

MD Triage's Commitment to Fair, Clinician-Centric Pricing.

The cost of our service is a significant concern for physician practices researching vendors. MD Triage does not charge by the minute. MD Triage charges a flat monthly rate based on the number of doctors, Physician Assistants, and Nursed Practitioners in the practice. The pricing also assumes that for each physician, physician assistant there will be an average number of calls per month that last average amount of time. If the numbers exceed or are below the average, then the flat monthly price will be adjusted upwards or downwards.

It is important to note that for any triage service, the primary expense is the number of clinicians MD Triage. Some tele-triage services charge per minute, which MD Triage believes incentivizes longer telephone calls. In fact, the first person a patient talks to is a medical assistant who determines which nurse or nurse practitioner the patient should speak to. The medical assistants also screen the calls so that patients calling for non-medical purposes are not directed to the clinicians.

Transparent Flat-Fee Structure vs. Allotted Minute Pricing.

Some tele-triage services charge a flat fee based on an allotment of minutes per month. The problem with this pricing model is that the difference in price between the various packages the vendor offers can be significant. Moreover, this model also may incentivize longer call times.

NO EXTRA CHARGES There are no surprise/hidden fees and charges. The agreed upon flat fee is all that the physician practice is charged.